We are pleased to have welcomed so many Y8 and Y9 parents into school over the past couple of weeks to hear about the options available to students as they plan the move from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 learning in September. We have received much positive feedback about Mrs Mobberley’s presentation to parents which explained the changing national picture, outlined the opportunities available to Chenderit’s students in Key Stage 4 and explained the options process and the help available both from school and independently. If you were unable to join us for the Options Fair, you can access the relevant presentation at http://www.chenderit.northants.sch.uk/information-evenings.asp   Please note that all Y8 and Y9 students along with their parents or carers will have an appointment with one of the Leadership Team in due course in order to finalise option choices: we look forward to these discussions over the next few weeks. One question raised by a few parents is in relation to Y8 school uniform and whether students should be wearing the upper school senior sweatshirt from September. The answer is yes because, at this point, students will be in Key Stage 4. And finally, Year 11 continue to work very hard in preparation for their English, maths and science mocks which are scheduled for the week beginning 7th March. To view the exam timetable, please visit: http://www.chenderit.northants.sch.uk/assets/documents/Exams/March-mock-timetable-for-website.pdf

Jane Cartwright
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