Drama Department

Chenderit School has a vibrant Drama Department that has a strong record of academic excellence and a proud history of extra-curricular opportunities that work with a highly inclusive ethos.

The department instil a love of theatre, and encourage students to embrace live theatre and workshop opportunities beyond classroom teaching.

Students studying Drama will have the opportunity to learn a broad range of styles and genres, embracing the opportunity to work with both published texts and also craft their own devised pieces, applying their developed skills and knowledge, taking full ownership for their group performance by considering the three roles of Director, Designer and Actor.

We proudly believe that all students will be able to work in a safe environment to creatively develop their skills and craft, demonstrating the ability to work with all and any member of their class, supported through an encouraging and positive classroom dynamic that ensures that all students can communicate effectively and reach their maximum potential.

Drama is much more than acting, with many transferrable skills and potential career paths. Drama provides students with a culturally-rich experience that will broaden their horizons and understanding of the world around them.

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