Geography Department

The Geography Department aims to engage and inspire students to be passionate about the world in which they live.

Students learn to be effective problem-solvers and critical thinkers. They are required to examine UK and global geographical issues and people-environment issues, evaluating a range of resources and recommend solutions based on these issues. They learn the content of the geography curriculum through geographical enquiry questions, and are encouraged to question critically each of the key areas. As part of this enquiry process, they will be expected to use integrated skills including appropriate mathematics and statistics, in order to explore geographical questions or issues effectively.

Students carry out fieldwork in a variety of human and physical environments to reinforce learning in the classroom and make it visual. They develop the ability to use both quantitative and qualitative fieldwork techniques, present, analyse and evaluate data sources, and arrive at a balanced and justified conclusion, recognising any limitations in the process.

The emphasis on evaluation and decision-making, numeracy and good literacy skills, the use of advanced technologies as well as an in-depth understanding of people-environment issues (such as globalisation and climate change), means that students gain invaluable skills, which will be relevant throughout their lives.

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