Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department aims to encourage students to take pleasure in mathematics and to appreciate the importance of mathematics, its relevance to other aspects of the curriculum and to life beyond school. We believe that it is essential that students have the best mathematical qualifications that their potential allows, in order to be fully equipped for the work place and their future lives.

Throughout the school mathematics curriculum, students are taught the six main strands of maths and how they might possibly interlink with each other. For example, being able to rearrange equations taught in the algebra strand is integral to being able to solve problems involving area, volume and trigonometry in the geometry and measures strand.

The six strands are: number; algebra; ratio, proportion and rates of change; geometry and measures; probability and statistics. These units are taught for approximately three weeks up to year 11 but are re-visited regularly. Fluency is developed by constant repetition and skills are revisited regularly.

All students will have a detailed curriculum map which outlines the year, showing any potential assessment points for useful preparation. The Maths department will monitor the progress of students with a series of low stakes testing during the year, this will allow staff and students to identify any gaps in learning. The SOW is also adaptable in order to teachers to return to prior units in order to strengthen their understanding.

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