School Meals

We welcomed Fresh Start Catering to Chenderit School from 1st January 2020.

Following a student ‘canteen’ survey in 2018 and a rigorous tendering process in 2019, we welcomed Fresh Start Catering to Chenderit School from 1st January 2020. Fresh Start Catering’s ethos about food and drink mirrors our own and we are delighted that they use locally sourced produce as much as possible and prioritise products that are in season and at their freshest, ensuring that only the best will go into our students’ meals. Fresh Start have an ethical approach too - all meat is high welfare, their eggs are free range and they use packaging that is more environmentally friendly. I hope our school community embraces these positive changes and we look forward to our students choosing new food and drink options that are not only tasty and exciting, but fresh and nutritious too.

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School Meals

We operate a cashless catering system which incorporates the latest technology and runs in conjunction with a secure biometric finger recognition system.

Each student has an account, which can be credited via our secure on-line payment system 'Parentpay', or topped up with cash. When buying food the cost is simply deducted from the students account when authorised via the finger scanner. No cash will be accepted at the servery counter. See the Important Notes and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

To enable you and your child to benefit from the biometric system, one parent or guardian will need to sign and return a consent form.

Free School Meals

The Free School Meals Service is provided by Learning, Skills and Education. Please follow the link below to complete an application for Free School Meals:

To view the website for Free School Meals please follow the below links:

Free School Meals Application Information
Free School Meals Application form

If you have a query regarding Free School Meals, please e-mail the free school meal team at West Northamptonshire Council:

We would like to emphasise that Chenderit School will comply at all times with the Data Protection Act and with the provision of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (which came into force in September 2013) regarding the use of biometric data.