Student Support at Chenderit School

At Chenderit School we endeavour to achieve maximum inclusion of all children, including vulnerable learners, whilst meeting their individual needs. Teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities for all the young people within the school and provide materials appropriate to children’s interests and abilities, ensuring that all children have full access to the school curriculum. However at Chenderit School we believe that our young people are more than their academic profiles and here in The Inclusion Centre we strive to help them to nurture all aspects of themselves, supporting them to grow, blossom and bloom into well rounded individuals.

All staff in the Inclusion Centre aim to provide curriculum access for all, securing high levels of achievement for all based on the individual. The Inclusion Centre aims to provide a wide range of support and intervention for our young people and to "promote children’s self-esteem and emotional well-being and help them to form and maintain worthwhile relationships based on respect for themselves and others” (National Curriculum, 2014). All staff that work within the Inclusion Centre have a high level of expertise and experience in meeting student need, which is further improved upon through well targeted continuing professional development. We also work in a cooperative and productive partnership with the Local Authority and other outside agencies, to ensure there is a multi-professional approach to meeting the needs of all our learners.

Finally we pride ourselves on knowing the individual and tailor making our packages to best meet the needs of our students. We believe by doing this we will attain high levels of satisfaction and participation from students, parent and carers, ultimately ensuring that all our students, LIVE, LEARN AND THRIVE.

For further information about support at Chenderit School please contact our SENDCO, Debbie Coleman or Safeguarding, Student Welfare and Parent Support Manager, Jan Hooper.

For more information about SEND please follow this link: