Values and Ethos

At Chenderit School we pursue excellence academically and in all other spheres of school life. To achieve this we strive to:

  • inspire all students to engage in learning in the widest possible sense so that they develop the skills necessary to be successful in school, at work and in the wider community;
  • support one another to become resilient, independent, adaptable and resourceful learners and leaders whose successes are celebrated;
  • develop ambitious students, staff and governors who understand that we are in competition with the global community;
  • foster community-wide respectful, trusting, compassionate, empathetic relationships through which students and staff enjoy and achieve;
  • enable students, staff, governors, parents and carers to embrace their role and to contribute effectively in supporting learning and progress and
  • develop a culture in which skilled and passionate staff draw on best local, national and global practice.

Our community continues to Aim High, Work Hard, Be Nice.

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