Chenderit school was founded in 1979 to serve the villages of south Northamptonshire and has grown since then into a popular and successful school. As an 11 to 18 comprehensive school, and an academy since March 2012, Chenderit accepts every student who lives in our catchment area. Each year a number of students join us from schools in Oxfordshire and elsewhere, in particular joining our highly successful sixth form, which is largely housed in new, purpose-built accommodation, teaching rooms and lecture theatre.

Chenderit was inspected in May 2011 and judged to be outstanding. As one parent told the inspection team: 'I have been incredibly impressed by the whole Chenderit experience and cannot praise the school enough. It is an excellent school full of staff top to bottom who obviously care deeply.' The inspectors found that the curriculum, the sixth form, care and guidance, and student achievement, in particular, were outstanding.

We are an ambitious school, constantly striving to improve the experience we offer our students. Since it first opened the school has had a strong tradition of excellence in the arts showcased in the Michael Heseltine Gallery

We believe that a successful school is at the heart of a vibrant learning community, a web of connections that combine to create outstanding results. Having read about the school on our website, should you wish to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.



31 Oct 2014

As our half term holiday draws to a close, I hope our whole school community is feeling well rested and prepared for another busy term ahead. The need for students to be fully focussed on their studies, aspirational in their thinking and keen to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer is of paramount importance. At Chenderit School, we continue to be committed to providing plentiful opportunity, support and challenge and, this term, I hope that all students, with the support of their parents, carers and teachers, will realise their potential and feel a great pride in their achievements.

I look forward to seeing all students again for the start of the school day on Tuesday 4th November.

Jane Cartwright

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