Chenderit school was founded in 1979 to serve the villages of south Northamptonshire and has grown since then into a popular and successful school. As an 11 to 18 comprehensive school, and an academy since March 2012, Chenderit accepts every student who lives in our catchment area. Each year a number of students join us from schools in Oxfordshire and elsewhere, in particular joining our highly successful sixth form, which is largely housed in new, purpose-built accommodation, teaching rooms and lecture theatre.

Chenderit was inspected in May 2011 and judged to be outstanding. As one parent told the inspection team: 'I have been incredibly impressed by the whole Chenderit experience and cannot praise the school enough. It is an excellent school full of staff top to bottom who obviously care deeply.' The inspectors found that the curriculum, the sixth form, care and guidance, and student achievement, in particular, were outstanding.

We are an ambitious school, constantly striving to improve the experience we offer our students. Since it first opened the school has had a strong tradition of excellence in the arts showcased in the Michael Heseltine Gallery

We believe that a successful school is at the heart of a vibrant learning community, a web of connections that combine to create outstanding results. Having read about the school on our website, should you wish to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.



18 Jul 2014

Another school year has passed, and we wish our school community a happy, restful and safe summer holiday with family and friends.

Many of our students will be keeping themselves busy over the next 6 weeks. For example, two Year 12 students were recently inspired by a former Chenderit student’s presentation (Matt Blake - http://www.worldwidebikeride.com/) and have decided to cycle from Wales to Norfolk this summer in order to raise money for Parkinson’s UK. We wish them well on their journey and in their quest to raise as much money as possible for such a worthwhile cause.

Matt Blake also inspired seven Year 12 students to raise over £120 for Katherine House Hospice yesterday (17.07.14) with their lemonade, ice cream and cake sale. All very welcome for staff and students on what was the hottest day of the year to date. The students showed outstanding creativity, group work skills and surprised themselves with their aptitude for sales!

Mrs Hutton has been encouraging all staff to read books from the ‘BBC 100 books you should read’ list; we have managed to read and review them all! Your child will have seen the newly designed lockers in the English corridor and, we hope, begun to read some of the reviews for themselves. Perhaps students will be tempted to read some of these "good reads” over the next few weeks.

Book challenge:

We are setting the Chenderit community a goal: to read 15000 books in 15 weeks… are YOU ready?

Would you play a football game without practising your goal kicks? Would you bake a cake without pre-heating the oven? Would you run a race without stretching?

In order to reach our goal of 15000 books in 15 weeks we need to focus our eyes, limber up our fingers and warm up our brains! If each of our students were to read just 1 book a week we would be well within our target. However, we would like to aim high and encourage everyone to join in… students, staff, governors and parents! What better time to get going with a book challenge than during a summer holiday?

We wish you a wonderful few weeks and look forward to welcoming all of our students and staff back in September, refreshed and refuelled, for the new academic year.

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