Chenderit School was opened in 1979 on fields which, it is said, were formerly used for archery practice. The name ‘Chenderit’ is an adaptation of a medieval name for Middleton Cheney.The school was founded to serve the villages of south Northamptonshire and has grown since then into a popular, oversubscribed and successful school. As an 11 to 18 comprehensive school, and an academy since March 2012, Chenderit accepts every student who lives in our catchment area. Each year a number of students join us from schools in Oxfordshire and elsewhere, in particular joining our highly successful sixth form, which is largely housed in new, purpose-built accommodation, teaching rooms and lecture theatre.

We are an ambitious school, constantly striving to improve the experience we offer our students. We are all learners, we value learning and see learning as a lifelong process.

We seek to create an open and creative community where all are valued, supported and challenged to be the best we can possibly be. Our community is based on honesty, integrity and responsibility borne out of mutual respect. At Chenderit School we respond to challenges in creative and flexible ways which demonstrate our values and inspire a positive culture.

At Chenderit we believe that:-

 the school should be a secure, pleasant and supportive environment; this means our school should be thriving, dynamic, supportive and challenging

 all members of the school should respect each other and treat others in the way they would want to be treated themselves; we actively support and monitor equal opportunities and are sensitive to the issues of race, gender, social background and culture

 we all work together to make learning enjoyable and satisfying for everyone; we see lifelong learning as a goal for us all and learning should be about passion and ambition with quality at its heart

 everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions, dreams and goals and everyone should have their achievements recognised; we have creative responses to the dreams and ambitions of others, we seek to unlock talent and for every member of our community to "walk a step or two with genius”, our expectation is for all of us to be the best we can be

 we shall work together to build good relationships within and beyond the school gates; we seek to be responsible citizens and actively promote community responsibility, we are members of local, regional, national and global communities and we seek to engender amongst learners a sense of tolerance, understanding and integrity

 every person is valued and must receive equal opportunities; everyone should have an entitlement to education and support. Through the active promotion of the principles of equality of opportunity, we demonstrate how much we value each other.


Tomorrow’s citizens will have to be able to survive in a much more challenging and fast paced environment. At Chenderit School we want every single one of our students not only to survive but also to flourish in meeting these challenges.

Having read about the school on our website, should you wish to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.


20 Jan 2015

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