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At Chenderit School we have established a strong and supportive community where staff and students strive to "Aim High, Work Hard and Be Nice". Our students are valued as individuals and are actively encouraged to pursue excellence, not only academically, but in all other spheres of school life. Our aim is to unlock each student's potential and to celebrate every individual's progress and achievements.

Chenderit School is a forward looking school with proud traditions. We encourage our students to embrace all opportunities at school and, through these, to develop into increasingly resilient, independent, adaptable, respectful and resourceful learners. We have high expectations of our school community and pride ourselves on our safe, supportive yet challenging environment in which students are able to enjoy, flourish and achieve.

 I hope you find the information you are looking for on our website and that it gives you a flavour of what is unique and special about our school. If you are considering whether Chenderit School is the right school for your child, please contact us for more information or, better still, arrange a visit to meet our staff and students and to experience our welcoming atmosphere, our sense of purpose and the wide variety of opportunities that Chenderit has to offer.

Jane Cartwright

Headteacher’s Blog

Annual elections

22 Jun 2016

Over the last week students at Chenderit Sixth Form have been nominating, canvassing speaking at hustings and finally voting in their annual elections. In excess of 50 students stood for elected office. The election officer was Miah Kirton – she and her team did an excellent job. The turnout to vote was very high (72%) and the following candidates have been elected by popular mandate to the posts indicated below:

• Chair weekly meetings of Sixth Form Committee
• Schedule meetings and produce agenda
Elected: Naomi Atkins

• Take minutes of weekly meetings of Sixth Form Committee
• Communicate Sixth Form Committee business to representatives and school community
Elected: Lucy Koster

Welfare Representative
• Promote a healthy living agenda in Sixth Form
• Work with the Deputy Head of Sixth Form on design and delivery of tutor and assembly programme
• Work with Head of PE and PSHE on design and delivery of Core programme
Elected: Katie Denston

Academic Representative
• Enhance the academic achievement of all Sixth Formers
• Represent Sixth Form to academic departments
• Manage study centre with Mrs Norris
• Manage IT resources with Head of Computing/ICT
Elected: Max Forbes

Social Representative
• Organise in year events to enhance Sixth Form community life
• Organise end of year social event
Elected: Millie Judd & Ellie Barlow

Finance Representative
• Manage the Sixth Form Committee budget
Elected: John Quy

Charities Representative
• Identify Sixth Form charity and organise fundraising throughout year
• Organise charities week
Elected: Nicole Mann

Sports and Clubs Representative
• Facilitate Sixth Form Sport
• Facilitate Sixth Form extra-curricular activities
• Organise Staff vs Sixth Form Cricket match
Elected: Ellie Scarlett