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Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff are a close team who work collaboratively to get the very best outcomes for each of the students that we work with. A list of all staff members at Chenderit can be found below; if you would like to contact a specific staff member, please use the messaging facility through EduLink One or via the form on our 'Contact Us' page here.

Leadership Team

Headteacher (ID 1184)


Deputy Heads (ID 1068)


Assistant Headteachers (ID 1076)


Art, Design and Technology

Mr T Christy  | Head of Art, Design and Technology

Mrs J Rowe | Deputy Head of Design and Technology

Mrs S Adams | Teacher of Design and Technology

Ms L Bellinger | Teacher of Art

Mrs L Cramb | Teacher of Art

Mr T Holland | Teacher of Design and Technology

Mrs K Howard | Teacher of Design and Technology

Mr E Parsons Brown | Teacher of Art

Miss R Pilot | Teacher of Design and Technology

Business and Media

Miss A Willett | Head of Business and Media Studies

Mrs J Dowden | Teacher of Business Studies 

Mr C Osbourne | Teacher of Media Studies


Mr K Smith | Head of Computing

Mr H Huckin | Teacher of Computing


 Mrs M Jackson-Pate Head of Drama

Mrs C Haywood | Teacher of Drama


Mr A Lindsay | Head of English

Miss C McGee | Deputy Head of English

Mrs N Birkbeck Teacher of English

Ms S Ellaway | Teacher of English

Miss A Hendriksen | Teacher of English

Mr J Hillman | Teacher of English

Mrs N Nowell | Teacher of English

Mr P Taylor | Teacher of English

Ms L Wood | Teacher of English


Mrs L Taylor | Head of Geography

Mr B Belstone | Teacher of Geography

Miss N Clarke | Teacher of Geography

Mr C Finch | Teacher of Geography

Miss B Reed | Teacher of Geography


Mr W Gowers | Head of History

Mr M Barber | Teacher of History

Miss R James | Teacher of History

Mr R Macrory | Teacher of History

Mr J Papamichael | Teacher of Humanities


Mrs N Nowell | SENDCo 

Mrs A Greening | Deputy SENDCo


Mr H Huckin Head of Mathematics

Mr P Dahal | Deputy of Mathematics

Mr J Armstrong | Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs C Cooper | Teacher of Mathematics

Ms C Leung | Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs C McMahon | Teacher of Mathematics

Mr K Smith | Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Whitfield | Teacher of Mathematics 

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr C Williamson | Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms Helen McKenna | Deputy Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Ms M Dupont-Zaccarin | Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss S Evans | Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs T Thorne | Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Mr M Ledger | Head of Performance Learning

Mrs C Haywood | Teacher of Music

Personal Development (PE and PSHE)

Mr A Vickers | Head of PE and PSHE

Mr S Oliver | Deputy Head of PE

Mrs G Young | PSHE Coordinator

Miss M Bruce | Teacher of PE and PSHE

Mr C Finch | Teacher of PE and PSHE

Mr D Hebden | Teacher of PE and PSHE

Mrs T King | Teacher of PE and PSHE

Ms A Nicholls | Teacher of PE and PSHE

Religious Studies

Mrs H Millan | Head of Religious Studies

Mr J Papamichael | Teacher of Humanities


Dr C Haycock | Head of Science

Mrs M Bailey Deputy Head of Science

Mrs M GrantDeputy Head of Science

Miss S Channer | Teacher of Science

Mrs H Dawes | Teacher of Science

Mr S Hanna | Teacher of Science

Mr C Hill | Teacher of Science

Mr N Marshall | Teacher of Science

Ms M Maud | Teacher of Science

Ms A Nicholls | Teacher of Science

Mr A Williams | Teacher of Science

Social Sciences

Mr C Deakin | Head of Social Sciences

Mrs L Brunt | Deputy Head of Social Sciences

Ms M Bruce Teacher of Health and Social Care

Mrs T Lester Teacher of Health and Social Care

Miss A Greening | Teacher of Health and Social Care

Mr R Macrory | Teacher of Government and Politics

Mrs K Smith | Teacher of Health and Social Care 


Year Teams

Year 7

Mr T Holland | Year 7 Head of Learning and Year 6-7 Transition Manager

Year 7 Tutor Team

  • 7A: Miss N Clarke
  • 7B: Mr M Ledger
  • 7C: Mr T Christy
  • 7D: Ms A Nicholls
  • 7E: Mrs H Millan
  • 7F: Ms M Dupont-Zaccarin

Year 8

Mrs L Cramb/Mr S Oliver | Year 8 Head of Learning

Year 8 Tutor Team

  • 8A: Mr N Marshall
  • 8B: Ms S Ellaway
  • 8C: Mr S Hanna
  • 8D: Mr C Williamson
  • 8E: Miss R Pilot
  • 8F: Ms M Maud

Year 9

Miss A Hendriksen | Year 9 Head of Learning

Year 9 Tutor Team

  • 9A: Mr Parsons Brown and Ms L Wood
  • 9B: Mr H Huckin
  • 9C: Mrs H McKenna
  • 9D: Mrs M Bailey and Ms C Leung
  • 9E: Mr A Kirton
  • 9F: Mr W Gowers

Year 10

Miss S Evans | Year 10 Head of Learning

Year 10 Tutor Team

  • 10A: Mr J Heyes
  • 10B: Miss A Willett
  • 10C: Mr A Vickers
  • 10D: Mr J Hillman and Ms C Leung
  • 10E: Mr T Laczko-Shroeder
  • 10F: Miss R James

Year 11

Mrs J Dowden | Year 11 Head of Learning

Year 11 Tutor Team

  • 11A: Mr A Lindsay
  • 11B: Mr C Hill
  • 11C: Mrs S Adams and Mr C Finch
  • 11D: Mr K Smith
  • 11E: Miss C McGee
  • 11F: Miss M Bruce

Year 12

Mr R Macrory | Head of Sixth Form

Mrs J Rowe | Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mrs K Smith | Sixth Form Study Skills Supervisor

Year 12 Tutor Team

Year 13

Mr R Macrory | Head of Sixth Form

Mrs J Rowe | Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mrs K Smith | Sixth Form Study Skills Supervisor

Year 13 Tutor Team

  • 13B: Mrs K Howard and Mrs T Thorne 
  • 13C: Mr P Dahal
  • 13D: Dr C Haycock
  • 13E: Mr C Deakin

Support Teams

Administration Teams

Mrs J Davies | Operations and Personnel Manager and Headteacher's PA

Mrs B Wilkinson | Finance Manager

Mrs N Barlow | Data and Examinations Manager

Mr A Brownett | Network Manager

Mrs J Macarthur | Attendance Administrator

Mrs L Williams | Careers and Learning Resources Coordinator

Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team

Mr B Belstone | Deputy Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Hooper | Safeguarding, Student Welfare and Parent Support Manager and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Smith | Deputy Safeguarding, Student Welfare and Parent Support Manager and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr R Macrory | Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs R Brenchley | Safeguarding and Welfare Assistant

Ms F Liston Medical