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Life after the Sixth Form

Life after the Sixth Form

At Chenderit, our students go on to a variety of successful destinations. We offer guidance and support for all of our students to help them make an informed and well considered choice about where they would like to move on to once they had left us at the end of Year 13.

Applying for these different progression routes can at times be confusing and intimidating, but at Chenderit we provide our students with a wide range of impartial and up to date advice about each potential route they could take.

Applying for university:
The process of preparing our students for university applications starts in Year 12. We have a structured guidance programme as part of our tutor time curriculum that helps students to construct their personal statements, and we also have external visitors from universities such as the University of Southampton who deliver sessions on how to construct a personal statement. All throughout Year 12, we encourage our students to attend Open Days for the universities that they are interested in, and we also take all students who are interested to the UCAS Exhibition in Birmingham.

All students who wish to apply to university usually have to do so through UCAS (there are some exceptions for institutions such as conservatoires). UCAS forms are able to be submitted from early September every year, and we aim as a Sixth Form to have all applications submitted before the October half term break. Students have assemblies and use tutor time to help guide them through this process, and are reminded that there are variable deadlines for each course, e.g. for applications to Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary courses the deadline is usually 15th October, and pre admissions test may have to be taken in the summer prior to applying.

Once applications are submitted, students will be able to track their offers through UCAS Track. Students are also given information through assemblies and external speakers about applying for Student Finance. This opens usually around mid January to early February time, and the deadline to ensure that fees and loans are paid ready for the course start date is usually in May. Accomodation also has to be applied for where required, so please keep an eye out for communication from your chosen university as the dates for applying for these do vary.

More information on the UCAS application process can be found here

Applying for Apprenticeships
Apprenticeships are becoming a more and more popular option for students once they have completed their A Level studies. These courses used to be seen as an ‘easy option’ as opposed to going to university. However, the expectations of an apprenticeship and the hard work and dedication that is involved allows students to develop similar skills, and if a student completes a degree apprenticeship, this will enable them to gain an undergraduate degree alongside their full time job.

As apprentices are employed to do a job, this pathway is an ideal opportunity for those students who want to progress into a particular industry that they are certain they want to work in. The study element of the apprenticeship fits in around their work, and students will spend time with an educational provider to gain their qualification. This can be done for a few hours or a day each week, or it could be completed in blocks of time – each apprenticeship provider will vary.

In order to help our students understand what an apprenticeship is and make them aware of the opportunities that are available for them, we have external speakers deliver sessions, and we also attend several conferences throughout the year, including the Apprenticeship and Skills Show and the UCAS Exhibition.

Application dates for apprenticeships do vary and will come up at different points throughout the year. We encourage our students to use the following websites to keep track of each new opportunity that is posted: https://www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship https://www.ucas.com/apprenticeships-in-the-uk
If you would like any additional information about apprenticeships, please see this document from UCAS: https://www.ucas.com/file/120301/download?token=DPdwJ0EV
Gap Years:
Each year at Chenderit, we have a selection of students who complete a gap year prior to going to university, or entering full time employment. Gap years are incredibly important years as the experiences and skills that students gain whilst taking them are greatly appreciated by many university admissions tutors and employers. Whether students go travelling or wish to take a year out to work before continuing onto university, the personal growth and development occurs over the year allows students to become more focused and responsible.

If students are travelling, many of the following companies can be useful in helping them to construct a clear plan for their year:

- STA Travel - Project Trust – Africa, Asia, Latin America - A Star Future – degrees abroad - Camp International - Camp America

Safety is also an issue to consider, and companies such as Objective Gap Safety help to prepare students for their gap years, and ensure that they know how to look after themselves whilst away from home.

If you would like any additional guidance about gap years, please see the following information from UCAS: https://www.ucas.com/alternatives/gap-year/gap-years-ideas-and-things-think-about
The guide from Omio found here may also be of use to students considering a gap year; it includes guides on:
- The benefits of taking a gap year
- How to organize a gap year step by step (e.g., accommodation, transportation, entry requirements & travel restrictions)
- Itinerary suggestions and tips for traveling in Europe on a budget
- Volunteering in Europe (10 suggestions)
- How to successfully find and apply for an internship in Europe